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SOS Garage Door Service offers impeccable preventative garage door maintenance in Chino Hills, CA. I am a strong believer in preventative maintenance for every garage door system. Many people are astonished to learn how many different problems can be avoided by simply keeping the system well maintained on a regular basis. I offer budget friendly options that go a long way in ensuring that the garage door is always operating at peak performance. My focus is on quality, and I am committed to customer satisfaction.

I have been offering outstanding garage door maintenance options in Chino Hills, CA for years. Unfortunately, too many people assume that maintenance is too costly to pursue. This is not the case. I offer a variety of maintenance packages to make certain there is a plan for every budget. My customers turn to me for maintenance service because they know I care and will follow a detailed plan designed to properly maintain their garage doors system. I offer outstanding repair service, but I am devoted to prevention as well.

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At SOS Garage Door Service, I adhere to a specific checklist that covers just about every nut and bolt in the garage door operation. I check each system from top to bottom to ensure that every component is in working order. Here are some of the garage door maintenance options I provide:

• Garage Door Balancing
• Performance Tune-Up
• Garage Door Lubrication
• Garage Door Safety Inspection
• Yearly Inspection (Performance)

I will ensure that every component in the garage door operation is properly adjusted and lubricated for my customers in Chino Hills, CA. Depending on the plan of choice, I can come out regularly to inspect and make adjustments. Prevent problems before they occur. Enlist SOS Garage Door Service for all your garage door maintenance requirements.